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Below are brief outlines of the duties of Unit Officers.  More detailed information is available in the Unit Handbook, published by the American Legion Auxiliary.  To access the Unit Handbook online, CLICK HERE.

Unit President


The Unit President is responsible for seeing that her fellow officers are provided with all materials available from Department and National Headquarters to help them perform their duties.  She presides at meetings, requires strict adherance to Auxiliary guidelines, appoints members of standing committees and any non-elected officers



Unit Vice Presidents


Unit Vice Presidents, together with the Unit President, are responsible for developing, implementing and furthering the goals and mission of the Unit, including membership and various Auxiliary programs


Unit Secretary


The Unit Secretary serves in an administrative capacity.  Her position is pivotal to all Unit activities.  It is the duty of the Secretary to record all business transacted at meetings, to present Minutes for approval by the members, to maintain and have available for reference copies of written guidelines, names of committee members and correspondence, to forward all name and address changes to the appropriate upline officers, and to stay well informed about all aspects of the various levels of the organization.


Unit Treasurer


The Unit Treasurer is responsible for handling all Unit funds, collecting all dues and donations, depositing them timely and forwarding dues to Department on a monthly basis, and for providing receipts for all monies received.  The Treasurer provides a monthly written accounting to the members, facilitates an annual audit and sees to fulfilling annual requirements of the IRS.


Unit Chaplain


Our Chaplain is the spiritual leader of our Unit.  She is to offer the invocation and benediction at our meetings, provide spiritual and emotional guidance to members and their families as neccessary and/or requested, always maintaining confidentiality. 


Yet more detailed guidance as to any aspect of our wonderful organization is available in the Policies and Procedures Manual, and so many other Auxiliary publications, at the National Headquarters website:


President Joyce Mullins
Vice president Marsha Spayd
Secretary               Carol Coffey    
Treasurer               Sallie Cardoza           
Chaplain                 Ronna "Gracious"      email currently being set up
Sgt-at-Arms            Maria Moss