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    This is perhaps the most widely recognized of all of the American Legion Auxiliary's wonderful programs.  If you don't already know the Poppy story, it's time.  You can find it on the "About the Auxiliary" Tab of this web site right below the picture of the bright red flowers.  Those red crape poppies sold on Memorial Day and Veterans Day are handmade.    Every single one of them distributed legitimately to the public in exchange for donations represents the painstaking effort of the veteran who made it.  All funds generated from Poppy sales--over $2million last year--are earmarked for disabled veterans. 


    "VA&R" is all about enhancing the lives of our returning veterans and their families.  America is very good at making and deploying warriors.  Unfortunately, our nation continues to learn the cost of not being so good at helping them re-establish a sense of normalcy after they come home.  To render care, comfort, and to assist in all ways possible to help ease that transition is the focus of this program.  Last year Auxiliary members volunterred 927 service hours fulling their VA&R goals.  Ladies, we will now raise the bar.



    The goal of this program is to foster qualitiy education for our children within our own communities, with an emphasis on the children of our military and our veterans.  This means  supporting literacy programs, scholarship programs and  classroom activities.  Most of all, it means engaging with schoolchildren personally on the local level.  Building a close relationship with our assigned schools by working closely with the appropriate school staff and teachers is key; just as a solid education is key to keeping American strong.  The American Legion Auxiliary encourages and supports education beyong high school.  In 2010, our organization gave $1.4million in scholarships to 350 young persons. 



    To inspire and promote patriotism, respect for our flag and responsible citizenship in our youth, to increase knowledge of our Consitution and history, and to raise awareness of and appreciation for the sacrifices made to preserve our liberties; those are the aims of this program.  The American Legion Auxiliary is engaged in an all-out effort to establish the curriculum and conduct the lessons in "Citizenship 101" in our assigned schools.



    The Girls State experience begins with a competitive selection process among young women who have completed their junior year of high school.  This gold banner program, instituted in 1937, immerses selected girls in an unforgettable, intensive week of training in civics and our governmental processes.  The course is so effective because it is based on an interactive experience where participants are divided into two political "parties" while they engage in campaigning, debating, voting and electing.  The program carries out its non-partisan, fast-paced learning to achieve objectives of instilling and reinforcing patriotism and civic responsibility.  Program directors always manage to make sure there is some fun involved along with all the hard work.


    At the Girls Nation level, 2 candidates are chosen from each Girls State program to continue the learning process as "senators."  They embark on an another week-long experience of running for high office, electing a mock president, campaigning for mock legislation and meeting our nations law makers.  The President of our United States has actually met with Girls Nation participants most years. 


     How successful is this American Legion Auxiliary effort?  The level of achievement of some former Girls Staters speaks volumes about how the experience impacts lives. 


    Jane Pauley, world renowned broadcast journalist with NBC

    Brig. Gen. Michelle Johnson, 1st female Wing Cmmdr, USAF

    Ann Richards, former Governor, TX

    Janet Napolitano, Secr. of Homeland Security; former Governor, AZ