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    The American Legion Auxiliary is a non-partisan organization.  It does not support particular candidates or political parties.  Rather, the ALA stands with the other factions of the Legion Family in supporting an agenda and initiatives that will advance the cause of, and enhance the lives of, our veterans, active duty military personnel and their families. 


    We stand as advocates who actively engage with elected officials within our communities, as well as at the state and national level, to keep the needs of veterans and military ever in the forefront. 




Traumatic  Brain Injury ("TBI") has become a signature war wound of the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.  TBI, and the PTSD suffered by veterans from wars present and past, are both widely misunderstood and woefully undertreated.  We can do better!


Recently, representatives from Unit 149 and Post 149 attended, by private invitation, a very special meeting of members of the medical profession, the VA, brain injury imaging and research professionals, and staff from Senator Dean Heller's and Senator Harry Reid's office.  The attendees learned much that day about progress in the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment ("HBOT") for TBI and PTSD.  They came away very hopeful about more effective treatment of these two conditions suffered by so many of our veterans. 


Leo Germin, M.D., Medical Director at Clinical Neurology Specialists, (and an all around great guy) was a key presenter at the meeting.  William "Bill" Duncan, Ph.D. and VP of Gov't Affairs for the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation ("IHMF"), traveled from the other side of the country to attend.  Bill is so committed to bringing about positive change in treatment for TBI/PTS that he walked around downtown in the late afternoon Las Vegas heat to locate Unit 149's President at work and make a private presentation of the material to be shared with others the following day in Senator Reid's Las Vegas office.


Ramu Komanduri, Chief of Staff for VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System, voiced his support during the meeting for hyperbaric treatment for our vets.  Attendees heard that two hyperbaric chambers are sitting, crated, in the new VA hospital slated to open late 2012 in the north end of the Las Vegas valley.  They heard about how HBOT therapy can be mobilized and brought to homebound and homeless veterans who are without the means to get to a VA facility for treatment.


There is wide-spread support among the leading veterans' organizations for this technology.


    -  The American Legion 2011 Convention Resolution No. 110 urges Congress to provide oversight and funding to the DoD and the VA for innovative treatments for TBI and PTSD, including HBOT. 


   - The Legion's PTS/TBI Ad-Hoc committee, formed last October, were given an indepth presentation on HBOT by Dr. Paul Harch, who works closely with Bill Duncan.


    - Verna Jones, Director of the Legion's VA&R Division, explained in an article on PR Newswire that the Legion had become a leading expert on the effects of and treatment for Agent Orange toxicity through its advocacy for veterans, and that doing likewise for servicemembers afflicted with TBI/PTS is a major endeavor of the committee



    - VFW supports the Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitative Services Act, and that organization's published list of current goals is to achieve legislation and funding enabling treatment with HBOT and other emerging technologyies to veterans suffering from TBI.


    - VFW Commander-in-Chief Richard Eubank wrote that a specific area of scientific enveavor his organization believes worthy of further exploration is HBOT.


       - The DAV supports legislation exploring and funding better treatment for TBI.  Especially significant is some of the language in DAV Resolution No. 190, urges that any TBI studies or research undertaken by VA and DoD for the current generation of TBI veterans include older veterans of past military conflicts who may have suffered similar injuries tht went undetected, undiagnosed, and untreated.


The TBI/PTS treatment protocols developed by IHMF have been publicly endorsed by former Marine Commandant, Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Chandler. 


Results being achieved with HBOT are awe inspiring.  Explanation of the treatment and documented research trials of this marvelous technology have been presented in a format we can all access and begin to understand.  See for yourself.  CLICK HERE


To view the selection criteria for the NBIRR 01-Study, CLICK HERE


See videos about HBOT treatment for veterans on Unit 149's YouTube channel.  Just click on our YouTube link on the Home Page.






        At the National Level:


Job Security for Wounded Veterans

Amending 38 U.S.C. to provide for re-employment of a veteran after absence for treatment from a service related condition


Funding of VA's Medical and Prosthetic Research

Urging VA Appropriations Committee of both houses to maintain the current level of funding


Veterans Opportunity to Work

Making improvements to veterans employment and training, and providing a time-limited educational benefit to unemployed veterans between the ages of 35 and 60


Preventing Mortgage Abuses

Amending the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to extend protection against sale/foreclosure from 9 months to 24 months; increases civil and criminal penalties for mortgage abuses


Protection of Veterans' Pensions

Excluding from calculation of eligibility all insurance reimbursement payments including amounts of awards or settlements for pain and suffering


Protection of Veterans' Survivors

Allowing for a deceased veteran's disability benefits to be paid to the survivor in cases where the veteran was continuously rated 100% disabled for his/her service-connected disability for at least one year preceding death


Helping Homeless Veterans

Facilitating agreements between the Secr. of Veterans Affair and state and local agencies and organization for the provision of help for our homeless veterans; outlines services to be provided; requires annual reporting to the Secr. as to collaberative undertakings

At the State Level: