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In order to understand the American Legion Auxiliary, you must first understand the American Legion.  The Legion is the world's largest veterans' service organization with 2.4 million members in 14,000 posts throughout the world.  Although non-partisan and non-profit, the Legion machine has, throughout its history, weilded significant political influence though grass-roots involvement in legislative processes.  Legion members' unwaivering sense of obligation to community, state and nation fuels an honest and remarkably strong advocacy for veterans with our nation's law makers.

The American Legion has a long and impressive history of enacting change to improve the lives of our military veterans, and Americans in general.  Here are just a few highlights from the astounding success of the Legion's efforts since it was chartered by Congress in 1919:


1920s  The U.S. Veterans Bureau, forerunner of the VA, was created

   The first ever 'Flag Code' drafted at a Legion Conference 

   American  Legion Baseball program created. Graduates of this

   program account for over 50% of today's Major League 

   Baseball players


1930s  First American Legion Boys State convenes.  This program

             continues to educate youth about the structure and operation of

             the federal government


1940s  First draft of the GI Bill of Rights, still considered the Legion's

             single greatest legislative achievement, is written by former Nat'l

             Commander Harry W. Colmery


   FDR signs original GI Bill, enabling veterans to pursue higher 

   education, get better jobs, buy houses and raise families.


   The Legion presents $50,000 grant to the then small & struggling

   American Heart Association, facilitating the launch of a national



1950s  Legion contribution of funds plays key role in launching the

             National Association for Mental Health


   Legion's Child Welfare Foundation is formed. Today, $10 million

   has been awarded to help America's children


1960s  Legion voices draw attention to, & demand accounting of, the

             fate of the prisoners of war in Vietnam. A special group of major

             veterans' organizations, spear headed by the American Legion,

             continues to press for resolution of this issue


   The aftermath of Hurricane Camille prompts the Legion's 

   National Executive Committee to establish the National

   Emergency Fund


1970s  Legion implements a Halloween safety program for children; still

             the only national program of its kind


1980s  Legion's $1 million check to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

             Fund is the largest single contribution for construction of 'The

             Wall' in Washington D.C.


   Legion sponsors independent study on the effects of exposure to

   Agent Orange on Vietnam War veterans


   After an exhaustive Legion-led fight to obtain representation of

   veterans at the highest levels of government, the VA is elevated

    to cabinet-level status as the Department of Veterans Affairs


    U.S. Court of Veterans Appeals becomes operational. Most of the

    provisions contained in the law that created the court were

    originally in the Veterans Reassurance Act, which was written

    and introduced to Congress by the Legion


1990s   The Legion files suit against the federal government for its

              failure to conduct a Congress-mandated study of the effects of

              Agent Orange on veterans who served in Vietnam  


    Family Support Network is created by the Legion to assist

    families of deployed service members. The mainstay of the

    support system is at the local Post level


    Legion announces creation of the Citizens Flag Alliance, a

    coalition of organization and individuals united in working

    toward a constitutional amendment to protect the U.S. flag from



   Legion forms the Persian Gulf Task Force to enhance services for

   the latest generation of wartime veterans


  National Emergency Fund surpasses the $1 million mark in cash

  grants to flood victims who belong to the Legion family


   Legion presents first National Law Enforcement Office of the 

   Year award at the 79th  National Convention


2000s   Legion launches the national 'I Am Not A Number' campaign to

              identify and document delays veterans face is obtaining medical

              care from Dept. of Veterans Affairs


    Unanimous support of Resolution 169 for the global war on

    terrorism by delegates at the Legion's 87th National Convention


    Substantially improved education benefits achieved with strong

    Legion support of post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act,

    sending unprecedented numbers of our  military veterans to




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